Thursday, March 31, 2011


I watched this tonight. And it was great.

The best part? When it started, and we all began floating away to that Pixar world, Rebekah whispered "I feel safe." And I think she spoke for all of us. (In my mind it was a whisper.)

The worst part? Spoiler alert: he cuts off her hair and it turns brown and spiky. I might not hate this so much (hang on a minute brunette sisters), if that very thing didn't happen to me about four months ago. Except trade heroic prince with heterosexual hair stylist (I don't trust those and neither should any of you), and trade fairytale for rat tail, and you get a movie that just hits a little too close to home.

It was still awesome though. Even if it did borrow a little heavy from Chasing Liberty, Portrait of Dorian Gray, and the Elizabeth Smart trial.



  1. hahaha.
    good movie.
    GREAT post.

  2. Maggie. I hated this movie for the same reason I hate that Bruno Mars. Also, while I want to sympathize for your hair disaster (I've had my own. hello Super Cuts) I feel like I have to say it serves you right for not flying back to Utah to see me and Mandy. Best of luck though.

  3. I too loved the movie. I too thought of Elizabeth Smart. I wonder what she thinks about it (in French).