Saturday, March 5, 2011


DC can bug me. Like in traffic or when GW med students discredit my Sleep Cycle app (I'm looking at you Friday night dinner party). But more often than not, I can't help but love it. Especially today when I ran through the little slice of colonial heaven, Georgetown. I stopped for a second when I saw this line for Georgetown Cupcakes.

Jane hates cupcakes so I sent her a picture of it. Part because I miss her, and part to make her feel more alone in the world. While I was wrapping up the text, I look up to see this blonde little angel running toward me, beaming from ear to ear, and looking me right in the eye. He never broke stride, opened his arms, and gave my legs a giant hug. Your guess is as good as mine. His mom was trying to restrain him and I noticed she was deaf. My ASL is a little rusty, and I couldn't immediately recall how to say "I would rather cling to the legs of a sweaty stranger than be chained to a backpack leash too," so instead I just clutched at my heart and smiled at her and probably let the hug go on for too long. I took this picture of  him after he turned away and before he escaped from the leash again to go eat those rocks in the corner.

I didn't stop thinking about Georgetown all day. Saturday shoppers, overeaters, and aggressively affectionate toddlers? I think I'm falling in love with you. And I can't be certain, but I have a feeling it's got something to do with the cupcakes.

*Photos 3-5 just go in the category of other cool stuff I saw on my run. But all photos are included under the label: ways to make a Saturday run as long as if you had walked it.


  1. let's start with DC friends who don't appreciate what a good conversationalist you are and how disappointed i am that they aren't taking the sleep app as serious as it should be taken.
    then let's talk about cupcakes. whatever.
    next. i can picture you clutching your heart so vividly. an around-the-leg hug is kinda the best from kids. esp. when unexpected.
    yay yay yay for Sassertations turning into a picture blog. gimme more!!!!

  2. f'reals maggie! more pictures, and keep up the good work with blogging. i love it when you post.
    love georgetown too.

  3. While Kari was reading this to me I was laughing my you know what off. Afterwards I couldn't help but think that this might be the comeback post, like Rocky getting off the canvas to show Drago that we could all change. However, in the back of my mind I also thought of Jimmy Connors and his magical run to the Semifinals of the 1991 US Open, which turned out to be his last shining moment. I say thank you to Georgetown for this.


  4. I love Georgetown too. My parents had a big panoramic of a snowy street in Georgetown when I was a kid and it served as the backdrop to many a romantic barbie stroll that ended with a slightly too passionate kiss and by corollary a lost head.

    Those pics are amazing! (come to Boston).