Friday, March 4, 2011

Sleep Cycle for iPhone

I frighten myself with the deals I would make in the morning to score more minutes of sleep. But a few months ago, I got this awesome app on my phone that not only tracks my REM cycles during the night, but pulls me comfortably out of sleep within 20 minutes of the time I am supposed to wake up by alerting me before I start taking that delicious dive back into deep unconscious bliss, below the realms of dreaming. I call it my Narnia. But the best part of the app is that once your sleep cycle has completed, it gives you stats on what you did that night and how long you slept. It's the beginning stages of this app, so the line chart is pretty basic without much detail. But I have faith it won't be long before it's telling me exactly what I was doing during those peaks and valleys of my dreams.

Last night's cycle:

People who owe me thank yous/apologies from last night's dream: Kari for saving our lives. Who then became Johnny, who was suspiciously chummy with our captors. So probably both of you.

You want this app.


  1. This app is cool.....This app is for people who sleep alone....Only talk about this app with people as lonely as you are.

  2. I don't get how this would work? haha.