Monday, May 30, 2011


I just got back from Vegas—more on that later—but because I took the Red Eye home last night, I justified finally buying one of these (mine says Las Vegas on the back. Swanky.):

I shamelessly took this self portrait in the walkway for a visual because I have no idea what to call it. And I don't think anyone else does either. It's the only justifiable reason for every American not owning one. That and they are only sold at airports and for a small fortune. Fortunately I bought mine at a shop called Everything $10 (I love a no-nonsense store), and was able to communicate via sign language what I was searching for. As it turns out, the universal sign for "I'm choking" and "I want to travel in comfort" are remarkably similar. And equally as effective. I walked out of the store ten dollars poorer, equipped with a no-hands pillow that's like wearing a bed at all times. My connecting flight was delayed twice, and our gate changed once. No problem!

Head tilt. 

I'm already asleep.

I got home an hour ago and I'm still wearing it. Little do you know, I've taken a nap three times in the duration of this post. I considered wearing it to bed tonight, but I feel wrong about that in the same way I feel wrong about mini hot dogs wrapped in bacon. So I'll just save it for travel and longish lines at the grocery store.


  1. remember when Shaq did those commercials for taco time or taco bell about "taco neck"? that's what i think of when i try to sleep sitting up in planes or cars. worst. the miracle will be if you remember to bring it on your next trip. whiiiiiiich i hope will be soon and to SLC!!!! if i was a rich girl, I'd fly you first class on that singapore flight with the king size bed. cause you deserve it with all the delays you've had this weekend.

  2. They are called Buckys. I only know this because my cousins name is Bucky, and we googled his name.

    Your welcome