Friday, June 3, 2011


I went to Vegas with SLC friends for Memorial Day. I took one picture. So that's exactly how successful my new year's resolutions have been.

The last day was probably the best. Once we figured out we didn't belong on the strip (don't you like my cardigan?), we kept it real and went to a dollar theater with free refills on popcorn.

Deciding on dinner was almost better than the movie. I kept a list of our restrictions that grew by the minute by one or more of us:

+No Mexican
+No Asian (the entire continent and all of its influences)
+No chains
+Nothing on the Strip
+No burgers
+Good salad
+No breakfast
+No F words
+No Italian
+Nothing too fast
+Sit down
+Nothing recommended by a local (too hard to find)
+No tapas
But really anywhere is fine.

Every list of restrictions will be concluded with that caveat. I said it at least three times. We ended up eating at Settebellos, which is delicious, and where the only other location can conveniently be found in Salt Lake City, and has probably been enjoyed by all of us within the last few months. But it was the right thing to do.


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  2. they have a settabellos in vegas? my respect for them has gone down a few notches. But they have a settabellos in vegas!!! I am going next time I spend a weekend there. P.S. good seeing Mags. Also that is the most hilarious list. I hate girls.

  3. HAHAHAHA!!!! and we were ALL happy in the end. and you taking iphone notes was the 2nd best option to secretly filming this.

  4. LOLing so hard. i am sad i missed this. ps. please blow up this image and look at my blink.

  5. Ironic that the only picture you took left me out. Is it because I said I would rather share a bunk in hell with Hitler than eat tapas? Because I stand by that statement.

  6. Hitler won't be bunking with you, Em. He most likely will be hanging out with Osama Bin Laden and Michael Jackson. I hope Michael lends the others some of his sequin pants.

    We need more less-opinionated friends.

    PS. I love your blog SO much, Mags. It has kept me entertained for at least 2 hours at work. That is 2 less hours I had to think about people handing me change in order to stay seated at my desk.

  7. When I didn't see any updates in my reader, I assumed you just stopped blogging. In commemoration of your birthday I went to read it and found it had been moved. Consequently, your birthday benefited me. Thank you to your birthday.