Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hat Tip

Bethany is one of those friends who any time she opens her mouth, you can be certain some amount of gold is going to tumble out. I'm sharing the comment she left on my blog post below because it would be rude if I kept it from the world.

Bethany'sBazodi said...

My rape-dar is extra sensitive to the many would-be pervs out there too. always think the cart boy is following me to the car after a late night jaunt to the supermarket. Also, if it's dark outside, I drive over speed bumps really fast in order to scrape off any perverts that are holding on to the undercarriage of my car.


  1. The mental image for that last one is too much. Laughed pretty hard. If I get in my car at night when it's parked in a parking garage, I say "I know you're back there" in the hope that if there is some psycho hiding in my back seat that I can't see, I spook him reaaaaaal good.

  2. HA! Lori too has strategies for dealing with undercarriage pervs. I had no idea this was so common. You need a rape horn. "No one would want to 'r' you, mother."

  3. Wow. I guess I never realized the undercarrige technique could be so dangerous.

    Do you think I could market steel achilles tendon guards? "Protect your tendons from the guy hiding under your car at night..."