Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I Dribble All the Time

This tiny bib video my dad took on his phone went viral in my family last week, and my sister challenged me to find all the ways my grandma Franz is like a baby. I normally don't take challenges that seem so obvious because they make me suspicious. And especially not from my sister since the human airplane incident of '93 when she tied all my limbs together and told me I would be a hilarious person if I let her lift my body into the air with her feet. I wormed myself over to her, flew up in the air, and fell to the ground like a helpless log. But so help me, I can't resist her.

1.Tiny. My grandma is the smallest person I know. My brother Gentzy (see post below) has a theory of displacement, claiming that she's been granted such a long life from the universe for taking up so little of it.
2. Dribble
3. Bib
4. Adorable
5. Easily distracted by technological devices

Why do you set me up for failure?

*It's too bad the last 10 seconds of this video got cut off. She says, "This young, vibrant teenager says hello to old Maggie." She's so cute I want throw myself out a window. Oh, there it is.


  1. she is mind blowingly cute. I want a bib now.

  2. i want to throw myself out the window to. or bite myself. i can't take her, she's so kewl.

  3. what a sweet grandma. she's definitely not afraid to wear an awesome bib. good genes.

  4. I AM IN LOVE! hahah. i love this video so much. grandma franz has my heart. THE BIB! i could die.
    and what gentzy said about your grandma. hilarious. and true i assume!

    "this young vibrant teenager..." hahaha

  5. stop it.
    stop the cute.
    vibrant teenager!!!!!
    i'm sorry i'm so delayed on commenting on this because it deserves a lot of this